About Us

Vasundhara Enterprises is founded and managed by experienced professionals who are dedicated to total customer satisfaction. We deal in providing skilled/unskilled manpower, trained security guards and expert facility management services to various types of Manufacturing Industries, Service Industries, Corporate Offices, BPOs, Shopping Complexes, Residential Complexes and Government Departments in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Chandigarh, Mohali and many more cities of Delhi, Haryana and Punjab. Our main motive is to provide best quality manpower and reliable services to our valued clients and build a long term relationship. Our goal is to ensure that all the man power related needs of our clients are to be taken care under one roof through our transparent services. We have risen up to all expectations of innumerable companies in our years of existence with security, manpower and facility management services. We shall be pleased to support your business by providing well disciplined man power and hassle free services on value based and long term relationship. For all our esteemed customers, Vasundhara Enterprises shall maintain highest standards of professionalism, ethics, trustworthiness and expertise. Our well trained and experienced team is committed to serve you better and completing each assignment with speed and accuracy.

“Our motive is to add values to value”

  • Skilled/Semi-Skilled/unskilled Manpower
  • Trained Security Guards/Gunmen/Supervisors
  • Facility Management Services
  • Miscellaneous Contract Jobs
“Our endeavor is to empower our clients through providing best manpower, trained security guards and facility management services for their business growth. We always strive for results through utmost dedication.”
  • Accept only the assignments we are qualified to perform.
  • Recommend only the services or products that are needed.
  • Honestly protect the client’s interests.
  • Guard all confidential material and information.
  • Charge fair and equitable fees.
  • Keep clients informed of all our activities concerning them.
  • Complete assignments in a professional manner.
  • Provide high quality customer services.
Safety of our workforce is a top priority at Vasundhara Enterprises and we continue to develop new ways to sharpen our focus in this area. Monthly we are distributing safety bulletins to our employees. Newsletters featuring guidelines, tips and training materials about safety is regularly uploaded and available on our website.

  • We promote the occupational health and safety to all our employees. We comply with the requirements of the Health & Safety policy at work.
  • We ensure for imparting the brief training/introduction to our employees regarding their safety while working on company’s machines, equipments and products result in safe operation.
  • We provide such information, instruction in health and safety matters applicable to the company’s activities, by consulting experts and involving employees wherever possible.
Our aim is to achieve total customer satisfaction and realizing complete peace of mind by obtaining a clear understanding of our client’s specific needs, and in turn, providing them with a consistently high level of professionalism, service and advice. As a security company with innovative ideas we provide cost effective security services, our passion and dedication will be reflected in every aspect of our business.
Our commitment to best service is predicated on placing our customer relations at the heart of our business.
Through our holistic approach to security and our unique level of service we strive to justify our company motto “Add values to value”

Govt. Approvals
REGD. NO. : PSA/REGD/GGN/LI-GGN-4-10/0117999
ESI CODE NO. : 69000551520001099
PSARA LICENSES: License No. 395 (Haryana), License No. 889 (Delhi), License No. 753 (Punjab)

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